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Mardi 20 Mars 2018


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Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist (Num: 1212)

(Publiée le: 26 décembre 2016 à 11:05:15)

The Mitchell Group
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Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
BAC+5 - DESS - DEA - Master 2 - Ingéniorat
International Development...
5 ans
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Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist

TMG is seeking a Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist for an ongoing monitoring, evaluation, collaboration and learning support project scheduled to be completed in March 2019. Based in Niger and Burkina Faso, the Sahel Resilience Learning (SAREL) Project assists the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Senegal in carrying out a multi-project initiative to build resilience capacities of chronically vulnerable rural households and communities.

The project’s main objectives are:

· Test, expand and accelerate the adoption of proven resilience-enhancing technologies and innovations already underway

· Develop, test and catalyze widespread adoption of new models that integrate humanitarian and development assistance

· Promote ownership, build the capacity of national and regional institutions, and coordinate humanitarian and development interventions in the zone of intervention;

· Address gender issues key to resilience and growth

· Creation of a knowledge management database that will house a baseline assessment, ongoing monitoring data, and impact evaluations

Objective, Role and Responsibilities: The objective of the short term consultancy is to support the development and adoption of new approaches to Humanitarian Assistance and Development Assistance integration. SAREL strives to identify, document and disseminate information on promising approaches and practices for this integration in Niger and Burkina Faso as well as in similar contexts, with a view to promoting increased collaboration among implementing partners, particularly in humanitarian and development to promote resilience. The Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist will build on previous literature and field research conducted in Niger to review the

The main mission of the Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist is to support the SAREL project team in this objective by drafting a concept note on HA/DA integration specifically focused on Burkina Faso. Specifically, he / she should assist the project in identifying recent systems or approaches in Burkina Faso that can serve as useful examples for humanitarian and development actors wishing to achieve better integration. The Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist will organize meetings with resource persons from implementing partners and major resilience actors to gather knowledge of their practical experiences of implementation of HA/DA and integration systems and approaches and document concerns about the implementation of such systems in the context of Burkina Faso. Building on the recently produced Concept Note on HA/DA integration in Niger produced for the project, the Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist, will review and enhance the literature review with examples from literature related to Burkina Faso. In the Concept not on HA/DA integration in Burkina Faso, he/she will integrate the previous Concept Note’s description of terminology and relevant terms, elaborating as necessary, on the definitions of “sequencing”, “layering” and “integrating” in this context and the brief explanation of the facts, systems, approaches and analyses that lead the Sahelian states to seek better integration of HA and DA actions. He/She will synthesize the experiences identified, the concerns about the integration of HA/DA integration culled from the meetings and consultations with implementing partners and major resilience actors in Burkina Faso and identify barriers to efforts to integrate HA/DA and various efforts undertaken to overcome obstacles, develop questions, recommendations and conclusions surrounding HA/DA integration in Burkina Faso for the Concept Note. As an outcome of the consultations with major resilience actors, the Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist will create six documents highlighting best practices that are considered the most relevant to share with stakeholders surrounding the implementation of HA/DA integration in this context.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Work closely with the Technical Coordinator in Burkina Faso to fulfill the following responsibilities:

· Review key documents related to the RISE initiative in Burkina Faso, SAREL and the Concept Note on HA/DA Integration in Niger

· Consult with key actors of resilience in Burkina Faso including implementing partners, key non-RISE partners and other major actors

· Document outcomes of consultations around two questions: current practices, approaches and systems integrating HA/DA and concerns around implementation of systems and approaches integrating HA and DA

· Create six documents of best practices in the approach or integration of HA and DA in the region

· Prepare a draft Concept Note with literature review, Burkina Faso and RISE partner specific examples of HA/DA integration, questions, concerns and recommendations and conclusions

· Prepare a final draft of the Concept Note responding to comments from experts and stakeholders

Education Requirements:

The Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist will have at a minimum a Master’s degree in an appropriate discipline of international development, or a Master’s in a sector in resilience.

Minimum Requirements:

· Five years’ experience providing management of development assistance projects in Burkina Faso, and/or other West African countries;

· Experience writing Concept Notes and reports in French and in English

· Demonstrated capacity to write complex and instructive documentation for sharing with stakeholders

· Extensive experience in resilience development in a range of sectors

· S/he will have written and oral presentation skills.

· Preferably have experience implementing a USAID-funded project or activity.



Voir les Conditions ci-dessous

How to Apply: Interested and qualified candidates should submit the following documents as MS Word files via e-mail to In the subject line, please indicate “Humanitarian and Development Integration Specialist-Burkina”. CV’s/resumes will be reviewed as they are received. Early application is encouraged. No phone calls please. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

· Completed and signed USAID form No. AID 1420-17

· Brief cover letter that includes a one paragraph summary of your key qualifications

· Current CV/résumé with 3 references.

Closing date: 16 Jan 2017

The Mitchell Group
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